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Choose Your Friends, Choose Your Life

Choose Your Friends, Choose Your Life -
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Preston’s life journey began in a comfortable, traditional Jewish home in the 1940’s on Long Island, New York.  A smart and happy child, Preston is one of four young brothers growing up in an idyllic home until at the age of 10 they suffer the sudden loss of their father, causing the family to unravel and move in entirely different directions.  Left with bitterness and resentment, Preston begins to make a series of bad decisions starting with the friends he chooses, the residual effects remaining with him throughout his life.  A Dean Martin look-alike coming of age in the 1950s, his exceptionally good looks open many doors, many hearts, and many issues. 


Choose Your Friends, Choose Your Life tells the story of how troubled kids were dealt with nearly three-quarters of a century ago, the resulting problems the “experts” created, and describes the archaic ways of dealing with problem children, nearly all who became problem adults.  A How-NOT-To for dealing with a problem child.  Eventually Preston’s bad deeds caught up with him in the way no one wants, and it takes a woman from his past to draw him back into life.  


Choose Your Friends, Choose Your Life is a walk back in time in parts, but it always involves timeless issues and gives personal, honest portrayals and insights of both mens’ and womens’ sexuality spanning six decades, even describing how men preyed on and procured women.  

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