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My Love Affair With Italy

As a 17-year old Italian American from New Jersey, Debbie became obsessed with the idea of traveling to Italy, and during the summer after completing her junior year in high school, she realized her dream when her parents agreed to send her on a student tour for 40 days with no one she knew. Friendships form with another American student, and with Cesare, an Italian medical student living in the same "hotel." But what transpires is something no one ever expected, especially her mom.  
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Choose Your Friends, Choose Your Life -
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Choose Your friends, Choose Your Life

Preston’s life journey began in a comfortable, traditional Jewish home in the 1940’s on Long Island, New York.  A smart and happy child, Preston is one of four young brothers growing up in an idyllic home until at the age of 10 they suffer the sudden loss of their father, causing the family to unravel and move in entirely different directions.  Left with bitterness and resentment, Preston begins to make a series of bad decisions starting with the friends he chooses, the residual effects remaining with him throughout his life.  A Dean Martin look-alike coming of age in the 1950s, his exceptionally good looks open many doors, many hearts, and many issues. 
The Fairytale - book cover

The Fairytale

The Fairytale is the true story of a 44-year-old named Debbie whose life turned upside down when her father became ill, forcing her to change careers. When a relationship begins with her new boss, a newlywed, four tumultuous years followed before leaving his employment. Five years pass until she receives a letter from him – this time from prison, and he needs her. They’d have to wait another six years, then 58 and 72 years old before reuniting.
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